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About Us

How UDIDIT was born

Over many years we have watched the children in our lives unwrap Christmas and Birthday presents, only to discover that they had more fun playing with the boxes their presents came in.

They would be engrossed for hours colouring and decorating their boxes, each day coming up with new uses for them: one day a secret lair, the next a racing car.

This got us thinking about why kids love cardboard boxes and made us question the types of presents we have been giving. We now realise that kids want to use their imagination and creativity rather than being spoon fed their experiences. What an amazing way to play! All you need is a cardboard box, some markers, and your imagination.

And that is how UDIDIT was born.

What kid wouldn't be happy to wake up on Christmas morning to an enchanted cardboard castle waiting to be explored?

About us

We are two sisters who have spent time working with kids in the field of physiotherapy, nursing and childcare. This has given us great insight into how kids think and how they like to play.

That is why here at UDIDIT we have developed a wonderful range of safe, eco-friendly, affordable and exciting cubby houses for boys and girls aged 3-10 years.

Our UDIDIT cubby houses are great for fostering your child's imagination and sense of adventure.

Wonderful for wet weekends indoors or dry days outside. They come with watercolour markers and also fold away for easy storage, to use again at a later time.

 Issy & Claud

Our cubby houses are great for use at home, kindergartens, schools, mother's groups, and for fun-filled children's parties.

Most importantly our UDIDIT cubby houses will play an important part in your child's development:

  • When CREATING & DECORATING their cubby house, your child will be developing their fine motor skills, making decisions, engaging in creative play and expressing a sense of artistry and individuality.
  • When PLAYING with friends inside their cubby house, your child will be developing essential social and communication skills such as cooperation, sharing, taking turns and interacting with others.
  • When playing MAKE BELIEVE games your child will be developing a vast imagination and learning to become a creative story teller in their own fantasy world.